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Build the Vision

Believe More 3-Day Challenge

April 22nd - 24th | Nightly 7:08 PM CST


You were Made for More and Deep down, you know it! Yet, something is holding you back from stepping through that next door of opportunity. Why let fear stand in your way? It's time to do it scared, do it afraid, and do it in faith.


How can I be so sure that you were made for more?

It's the relentless pulling on your purpose, the stress you feel because you are unsure if it’s real. Know this, my friend, your blessing is just around the corner.  Now it is time for you to Embrace the challenge,  Embrace growth, and Embrace the more awaits you! Join our Build the Vision Challenge because You were Made4More- isn't it time you started living like it?

Get to know


Kamekio is your Champion of Hope & Empowerment Coach and she is on a mission to equip families with the tools that they can use to Increase their Income, Secure their Independence, and Live life beyond a minimum wage paycheck! 

Our 3-Day Build the Vision Workshop

Your place for discovering more, mapping out your next move, and creating your success story! Over the next three days, you can discover your true potential, map out your path to success, and craft your inspiring success story! Together, we'll explore what it truly means to live a life of abundance and significance.

Get ready to ignite your passion, clarify your vision, and take big, bold steps toward the life you've always wanted. We can't wait to embark on this transformative journey with you!

Why You Need This:

No more standing on the sidelines, watching, waiting, and wishing things were different! It is time to get in the game and play to win! The world is waiting for you to show up, and this workshop is your first step toward building a bridge to the other side! Let us help you Unlock your Gifts & Get in Position to Prosper * Uncover strategies to help upgrade your mindset * Unleash your Vision and tap into your Greatness!

What You’ll Gain:

Are you ready to Believe More?

How It Works:

Day 1: Believe More

Unlock your Gifts & Get in Position to Prosper 

Day 2: Expect More

Uncover strategies to help upgrade your mindset


Day 3: Create More

Unleash your Vision and tap into your Greatness

Dedra Davis

Nashville, TN

"She became a mentor, guiding me toward my goals."

Tyronda McCoy

Camden, AR

"She encouraged me and helped me to do more, which truly changed my perspective on life."

John Hutto

St. Petersburg, FL

"Her help ultimately helped me to reach my dreams as an International Airline Pilot.”

04/22 - 04/24 
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