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May 8th | 7:08 PM CST

Seize the opportunity to redefine YOUR future through Entrepreneurship! Don’t miss this opportunity to Expand your Mind & Your Money! 

"I remember being broke"

Imagine setting your own salary, fueled by hard work, dedication, and vision! It's time to jumpstart the life you want, love, and truly deserve—not just to get ahead, but to break free.

I remember being broke and broken, struggling on my path to success, clueless that business ownership was even an option for me—a girl from the projects. Everything changed when I attended a business workshop and met someone like me, thriving and free. That experience opened my eyes to the boundless, profitable possibilities of entrepreneurship. From that day, I've been leveling up mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially!

Build the Vision PPoint April 2024_edite

Get the Jumpstart You've Been Waiting For:



Identify the core components of what drives your business forward.



Solidify your stance in the competitive market.



Master the art of resilience and momentum in business.



Open doors to new opportunities and ventures.



Equip yourself to make bold decisions that propel you to success.

Why You Need This:

It's more than a workshop—it’s a Lifeline, and you need to grab it Quick! No more standing in line, waiting for services, pushing through the line trying to find a good job, or being frustrated by the long lines to get what you need. It is time for you to be the Line Leader. The world is waiting for you to show up in all your Greatness! Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready! 

What You’ll Gain:

Do you Believe that whatever you do will prosper?

"He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his seed also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper"

(Psalm 1: 3-4) 

Make your declaration NOW!
"This is my season to Create
& Bring forth more!"

Dedra Davis

Nashville, TN

"She became a mentor, guiding me toward my goals."

Tyronda McCoy

Camden, AR

"She encouraged me and helped me to do more, which truly changed my perspective on life."

John Hutto

St. Petersburg, FL

"Her help ultimately helped me to reach my dreams as an International Airline Pilot.”

Get to know


Led by Kamekio Lewis, a seasoned Advocate for Entrepreneurial Growth, this workshop is a bridge for those looking to navigate the business world's challenges with grace and power. Kamekio’s P5 Blueprint for Building a Successful Business is the roadmap to your success, offering proven insights into constructing a prosperous future.
Whether you're at the beginning of your business journey or seeking to expand your empire, the "Jumpstart Your Business Workshop" is designed for you. 

I am here for you!

I am here and I am ready to help you Rise Up! This Jumpstart Workshop has given me an opportunity to create a day where I can help you Lean into your Greatness & Learn the step by step strategies for starting, building, and growing a Successful Business! We are not just stepping - We are Leaping towards success!

Don't let another day go by pondering what could be. Join us for a day of prosperity planning and getting in a position to start, grow, and build your business. Register NOW and be part of a community ready to Jumpstart Financial Freedom & Flexibility!

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